waterproofing material
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Insulation against ground moisture, leachate, positive and negative water pressure in indoor and outdoor spaces of all buildings, especially wet and voluminous surfaces such as foundation and basement walls, terraces, swimming pools, water tanks, balconies, bathrooms, toilets and kitchens and retaining walls. It is used as material. It prevents water leakages in irrigation channels and concrete pipe joints.


All surfaces should be cleaned from foreign materials such as dirt, oil, paint. Significant defects or holes on the surface must be repaired with Repair Mortar at least 24 hours before waterproofing. Porous surfaces such as exposed concrete, cement based plaster, screed should be wetted with clean water and saturated.


Attention should be paid to ensure that the ambient temperature is between +5 ° C and +35 ° C during application. It should not be applied on frozen, melting or frost surfaces within 24 hours. It should not be applied under direct sun or strong wind.


applied on the concrete surface, it penetrates into the concrete and the active chemicals it contains reacts with the free lime and moisture in the capillary spaces of the concrete to form insoluble crystal structures. 
Application thickness: 2-3 mm,
Number of layers that can be  applied: 2-3 layers, 
Duration of use of the mortar: 30 minutes, Time to 
wait between the coats: 6 hours, Time to wait for the 
last layer application: min. 1 day, 
Time to wait for soil filling: min. 7 days, Time 
required to fill the water tanks with water: Min. 7 days, Min. At negative pressure 14 days


25 kg. MİNERFİX crystallized waterproofing mortar is mixed with brush by 10-12 liters for application, with steel trowel with 7-8 liters of water, preferably with a low speed drill, so that no lumps remain. In brush application, waterproofing mortar is applied on the moistened surface in three directions, perpendicular to each other with a brush. The second layer is applied by wetting it (within about 6 hours depending on the temperature) when the first layer is hardened but not yet completely dry. 
First layer waterproofing mortar 1-3 mm for old concrete, brick wall or briquette surfaces in trowel application. It is applied in thickness. Then, the second layer is applied in the form of syrup. In dry sprinkling application, Crystalline waterproofing mortar is applied on horizontal floors by sprinkling powder in the joint gaps. Whichever of these 3 methods is used, water curing after application is extremely important. After the application, the crystallized waterproofing mortar should be prevented from drying out immediately and kept moist for about 1 week. For this, spraying water is useful as in normal concrete curing.

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