8201 Seracare Cement Remover 1lt

Cement Remover
SKU: 90006271
3.500 د.ك.‏


Acid based cleaner to quickly remove cement

residues without releasing harmful fumes.

Fields of Application

— Cleaning off residues of cement-based products

used as adhesives or for grouting ceramic surfaces.

— Cleaning cement and lime staims from the

surfaces of ceramic tiles, terracotta, clinker, rustic

furnishing, oven stone, natural stone, granite

ceramic, porcelain ceramic and glazed ceramics on

walls and floors.

— Cleaning off slight rust stains.


— Can not be used on the cladding material nonresistance

to acids

And marble and sleek high-gloss surfaces. And

must test the product on surfaces

Places to be used first.

— Do not use in the work of cleaning the fat.

— Prefers not to put the product on a filling material

is heavy.


1 lt plastic bottles.

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